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Serving Veterans with PTSD

Horses help Veterans reconnect in a foreign world and rediscover a sense of purpose. A certified therapeutic riding instructor facilitates group sessions that include both mounted activities and ground work group and individual counseling sessions are available to Veterans diagnosed with PTSD. A licensed mental health professional utilizes horses as a therapeutic tool to support the client's goals. Program activities are designed to improve mental health and foster successful relationships in a civilian society.



Riding as a Member of the Veteran’s Drill Team

The McCormick Research Institute is home to a Horses & Heroes drill team that is showcased at various rodeos and events. All members interested in participating in the drill team must first receive training and graduate from one of our research programs. Please contact ourprogram manager here for information involving Veterans.



Group Counseling Workshop for Veterans with PTSD

As part of our research programs, we offer 10-week sessions using horses in a group counseling environment. To inquire about participation in one of our research workshops, please contact our program manager here.
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