War Room Ministries

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to an incredible new program and service that is now available at McCormick Research Institute: War Room Ministries.

War Room Ministries will shepherd and serve our community through a pastoral support program that will include marital counseling, parental guidance, crisis intervention, spiritual and emotional support, financial counseling, and much more.

The purpose of War Room Ministries is to support those in need within the McCormick community. While Christian biblical principles will shape the counseling process, services are available to meet the needs and respect individuals from all perspectives and walks of life. This program is available free to all McCormick participants & families, volunteers, and staff.

We are equally excited to introduce you to the Director of War Room Ministries, Chaplain Eric Davidson. Our staff has been engaging with Eric for several years and we are fully confident that clients will find him to be understanding, wise, trustworthy, and helpful. A father, a husband, and a Veteran, Eric is an experienced and gifted chaplain. As with traditional counseling services, all engagement with Eric will be completely confidential.

Eric is onsite and available for appointments during regular business hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, he is eager to serve our community and willing to accommodate alternate schedules as needed. Counseling sessions and meetings will typically be held in The War Room in the barn.


We encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions about War Room Ministries. Please feel free to contact Eric at 407.933.7433 (extension 6) or at eric@mccormick.us to schedule an appointment. We hope you will take advantage of this new service and appreciate your warm reception of Chaplain Eric Davidson.

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