From The Heart of a Parent - Adam

My son Adam has been taking horseback riding lessons for a year and a half at Heavenly Hooves. The opportunity to be around these amazing horses has encouraged him to show gentleness towards animals and elicit some responsibility for their care. It has helped to build his confidence, while sitting up high on the horse and getting high-fives from the volunteers. Thanks to Heavenly Hooves (and its donors), Adam has accomplished things he never imagined possible. Last spring he participated in the regional Equestrian Special Olympics, where he qualified to go to the state competition in Tampa. What an incredible event!

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see my son participating in something so universally recognized and oh so beneficial.

Meredith Syed

The Healing Power - Josh

After interviewing Veterans in the Horses & Heroes program, Diane Rodriguez wrote in her article The Healing Power of Horse Therapy for PTSD, “People who live in a state of hyper-vigilance can feel threatened by everyday events, and horses live in a similar state.  Much like military groups, horses are loyal and stick together for safety.” These are just a few of the many aspects that create a connection between a Veteran and a horse. The McCormick Research Institute horses are quite unique and special, and one in particular has been mounted by individuals of every conceivable disability throughout his life. Eight weeks into the program, Veterans begin working with other Veterans, performing basic drill team movements at both a walk and a trot with no fear and no trepidation. They ride in the Drill Team, where there is a sense of purpose and connection. More than once, we have heard a Veteran testify, “Coming off of my couch, out of my wheelchair, and representing Veterans at rodeos motivates me so much. I had almost committed suicide, but I wouldn’t think of it now. I never want to miss all this!”


Most Awesome Place to Volunteer - Joy

Thank God for Heavenly Hooves! I have been volunteering since 2006! During this time I have gotten to know the horses and the staff very well. They all have become dear friends to me over these many years. The staff is genuinely kind, always appreciative, and were never afraid to give a hug! I absolutely LOVED coming out to the barn, spending time with the horses, feeding and grooming them; as even now they continue to help countless individuals in countless ways. And I am one of those individuals! I have had some personal battles with health and other things... and I can tell you that God has used these beautiful horses to give me something to look forward to every week! They gave me so much happiness, and brought me many a smile.They helped me forget all the drama in my life for a little while... as I looked into their kind and compassionate eyes, or buried my face in their mane, or even dropped a few tears on their back...

That's a real friend...

Thank you, Heavenly Hooves for all these years, 2006-2016!

Joy Deaver, the happiest volunteer ever, at the most awesome place to volunteer ever!!!

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