Research initiatives are conducted in partnership between the University of Central Florida's College of Medicine and The McCormick Research Institute. Together UCF and McCormick co-manage the formal partnership by identifying research participants, administering pre- and post-testing, developing and testing program curricula, and disseminating results. All projects are evidence-based with lead investigators who are medical doctors and PhD's. The organization aims to use research experience to develop an educational resource center that showcases best practices and effective curricula for the equine-assisted therapeutic industry. You can find literature reviews we have completed and links to various research in the field on the Research Publications page in our Media Library.Current research underway involves the study of equine-assisted therapies for Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The McCormick Research Institute is in its formative years where we will progress through three phases, to include:
Phase I - 2017-2019
  • Investigation and literature reviews
  • Research and connect with other established research programs
  • Develop and test McCormick curricula
  • Internal evaluation and defining of standards and best practices
Phase II - 2020-2022
  • Collaborative research endeavors with established research programs
  • Further develop and refine standards and best practices for research-based, equine-assisted therapies
Phase III - 2023
  • Disseminate findings to VA, medical professionals, elected officials, industry partners in an effort to increase access and awareness of effective equine-assisted therapies
  • Offer education, research protocals, and best practices to others interested in learning more or participating in research-based equine-assisted activities and therapies
  • Expand collaborative research endeavors to areas of interest generated as a result of research
  • Offer the McCormick Research Certification program


Photo Credit: Janel Norton

Though we are excited to partner with other centers, we are currently in Phase I and are investing our time and resources to establish a firm foundation. If you are interested in a future research partnership or educational opportunities with The McCormick Research Institute, please contact us. We welcome relationships with established research programs in partnership with universities.


Photo Credit: Janel Norton

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