McCormick's vision is to reduce Veteran suicidal rates and strengthen families who include an individual with special needs by expanding access to effective equine-assisted therapies worldwide. The organization works towards this goal while delivering the highest quality of equine-assisted therapies locally, conducting research in partnership with UCF College of Medicine, and disseminating knowledge to industry practitioners and investors.

Heavenly Hooves

Doctors said some would never walk, and now they do. Riders who could not speak, chatter away. Some who had not a single friend, now have many. Approximately 100 clients attend a weekly class to work on strength, coordination, communication, balance, and sensory processing. Many require full financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded to students based on need.

Horses & Heroes

Horses help Veterans reconnect in a foreign world and rediscover a sense of purpose. A certified therapeutic riding instructor facilitates group sessions that include both mounted activities and ground work. Group and individual counseling sessions are available to Veterans diagnosed with PTSD. A licensed mental health professional utilizes horses as a therapeutic tool to support the clients goals. Program activities are designed to improve mental health and foster successful relationships in a civilian society.


Initiatives are conducted across both the Heavenly Hooves program (researching  autism) and the Horses & Heroes (PTSD) program. In partnership with the University of Central Florida School of Medicine, evidence-based research is conducted with the goal of producing research, identifying best practices, and designing the most impactful treatments for Veterans struggling with PTSD and individuals with autism.


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